How Much Is Chloroquine

Posted by Someone on November 19, 2008

Chloroquine can pass in to boob milk and cause injury to a coming child.

When used for malaria prevention this medicine needs to be taken when one or 2 weeks prior to traveling to the nation where fever and ague is existing (sub-Saharan Africa, southeast Asia, Middle East, Oceania, Central and South America), while remaining in the location, and weekly for a month after coming back.

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Posted by Someone on November 19, 2008

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NSAIDs, consisting of aralen, EC-aralen, ANAPROX, ANAPROX DS and also aralen Suspension, can trigger serious intestinal (GI) negative events consisting of irritation, blood loss, ulceration, as well as perforation of the stomach, little intestine, or huge bowel, which could be deadly.